Improve agility and time to market, drive efficiency with Cloud & DevOps solutions for your business.

Cloud & DevOps Services

IDroidTechEra Solution will help you to grow your business with automation process for software deployment. We provide streamline and automation for smoother business operation. We have dedicated customized server and infrastructure for unique needs. We have highly experience for testing, releasing and maintaining your application. Cloud & DevOps to help businesses experience enhanced security and faster performance in applications and tools. Agile and Tailored Cloud Solutions For Every Business Type To Meet All The Requirements. Are you looking for any single point of contact.  We are here for all your need for Cloud and DevOps Let’s connect!


Why IDroidTechEra Solution ?

Complete product ownership
Flexibility to use your custom software
Software quality guaranteed
Advanced tech stacks
Highly technical Experience team
Transparent communication and reporting
Consistent delivery with the agile approach
Proven track record in building successful MVP
Review. Deployment. maintenance

Cloud Computing Competence


IDroidTechEra Solution offers expertise in Amazon Web Services for reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud computing services. Our AWS expertise allows us to provide the flexibility to launch applications irrespective of your industry or magnitude of business.

Microsoft Azure

We offer services to leverage Microsoft’s cloud computing platform to build, effectively manage and deploy applications with Azure. Our experts will integrate and manage environments, as well as provide security & compliance to meet the evolving business needs of enterprises, governments and startups.

Google Cloud

IDroidTechEra Solution offers expertise in cloud computing platforms using Google Cloud. Our team of experts help modernize your workload with cloud computing services from Google, as well as deliver software faster while improving operational security and governance. We aim to accelerate digital innovation with APIs, apps, and automation.

Hybrid Cloud


Our team specializes in Hybrid cloud comprising on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and a public cloud—such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure—among the various platforms. We offer expertise to build modern apps with much-needed scalability.

Cloud DevOps Services

Cloud Architecture & Design

Cloud Architecture & design services encompassing components such as databases, software applications to leverage the power of cloud.

CI/CD Pipeline

Implementing Continuous Integration (CI)/CD to integrate code into a shared repository.

Security Management and Monitoring

Critical services to ensure protection against cyber threats with cloud security management and monitoring services.

Cloud Consulting

Strategic consulting services to make the most of the cloud including Managed Security, Cloud Strategy & Cloud Migration.

Infrastructure Management

Expert Team of Cloud Solution Architects To Help Your Finalize Your Cloud Infrastructure Requirements

DDOS Attack Mitigation

DDoS attack mitigation services to protect a target from a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and other malicious attacks.

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